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Chronic Illness & Pain Management

"I want more and more people to understand that behavior and emotions play a part in diabetes and how that affects human and economic outcomes."
Dr. Richard Rubin, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Former President, American Diabetes Association

"The results of a pilot study of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music in arthritis care indicated objective improvements in several measures of daily function and arthritis activity. To have a benign adjunct in our regimentation which utilizes neural influences represents a very significant step forward."
Gerald M. Eisenberg, MD, FACP, FACR
Illinois Bone and Joint Institute

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy is an extremely beneficial treatment for patients suffering from chronic illness or who are looking for non-pharmaceutical pain management options. Music has been proven to help all kinds of patients, and we are passionate about providing the support these patients need. Some of the benefits reported by our patients include:

  • Help Coping With Chronic Illness & Self-Management
  • Promote Health Of Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Strengthen Character & Constructive Behavior
  • Provide Non-Pharmacological Management Of Pain & Discomfort
  • Pierce Through Negative Thoughts & Emotions
  • Relieve Fatigue & Inertia
  • Increase Physical Vitality
  • Promote Positive Changes In Mood & Emotional States
  • Reduce Anxiety & Promote Relaxation
  • Deepen Relationships & Enrich Friendships
  • Stimulate Creativity & Sensitivity
  • Expand Consciousness Of God's Presence In Daily Living