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April 2017 - MMI Partners with Live Oak Public Libraries to Deliver Programs to Military Service Families
Here's what Music Medicine Institute participants said about this important, continuing program serving Savannah-area service members and their children in Hinesville and Savannah:
Racheal L. Spears, Music Specialists at Bartram Springs Elementary:
What a privilege to work with MMI!  I absolutely love teaching music and was so thrilled for the opportunity.  Children benefit on so many levels: socially, academically, and emotionally.  It is so amazing to watch students work together to learn and create. They build a sense of belonging, confidence, and understanding of beauty in what they have created.  Thank you, Elizabeth and R.J.! Great things happening at MMI!”

Candace L. Deshler, MT-BC:
"Our fun-filled afternoon consisted of a lot of music-making, singing, instrument playing, and dance. The children helped me throughout the session by adding their own lyrics to songs and coming up with new rhythms and dance moves showcasing their individuality. In addition to creating an open outlet for expression, the music was also able to bring everyone together to produce one combined sound and engage those present in a shared experience. I felt tremendous joy seeing the children and parents smiling and enjoying themselves while participating in the various activities. Thank you so much to MMI for inviting me to take part in such a wonderful event."