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Mari - Mandala Assessment Research Instrument 


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MARI - Mandala Assessment Research Instrument

MARI evaluation incorporates the use of color and mandala (from Sanskrit for "essence" + "having" or "containing," also loosely translated as "circle-circumference" or "completion") symbols to assess and give clues to a person's psychological progressions and current psychological condition.

The mandala originates in Buddhism and has connections with spirituality that can help the individual to see links with transpersonal art, and MARI testing is based on the beliefs of
Joan Kellogg
(1922-2004), who saw a recurring correlation between the images, pattern and shapes in the mandalas that people draw and the personalities of the artists. 

Based on Jung theory, MARI is an exploratory process based that helps unlock information stored in the client/patient’s unconsciousness to bring about transformation and healing.  Its benefits include spiritual growth, personal transformation, accessing inner wisdom, and identifying and unlocking mental blockages.

A comprehensive new psychological assessment tool using symbols, colors and developmental stages to reveal the inner truth of the individual, MARI provides a visual picture of the psyche, including tension and attention in the conscious and unconscious.  On the theory that the psyche cannot tolerate self-deception, MARI passes beneath the radar of ego to make an inner connection between symbols and colors and what is going on in the client’s life.  It reveals the center of the individual – self, not ego – and allows the client/patient to provide their own intuitive solutions.

In the MARI Card Test the client/patient is asked to select a card from a deck with different mandalas, and then choose a color from a set of colored cards.  He or she is then asked to draw the mandala from the card they choose with an oil pastel of the color of their choice, and the artist is requested to explain if there were any meanings, experiences, or related information related to the mandala they drew.

Level 1 Training

The Music Medicine Institute will provide Level 1 MARI training in the Savannah area.  Check back regularly for scheduling information.