What is Music Therapy? 

Elizabeth Jacobi, PhD, RMT, FAMI-Founder/Director 

Ronald J. Jones - joins MMI as Exec. Director 

Allison Boyd, Sara Longwell - Program Partners  

Jeannelle Benek, MA, HPMT, MT-BC 

Denise Ondishko, Ph.D.  

Chris Butler - Volunteer 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Chris Butler

Thirty-five year insurance industry veteran Chris Butler has joined the Music Medicine Institute as a group leader for the Institute's popular Month of the Military Child programs.  An executive with Bernard Williams & Co., Chris received training as a presenter of the popular “Stories, Music and Imagery” sessions offered by the Institute.  MMI's training programs for health care professionals and members of the general public, including teachers, parents, and interested volunteers, increase participants' knowledge and understanding of the benefits of music in the growth and development of young children, and fulfilled in Chris a desire to help the children of our military deal with the stress of deployment.  

No previous musical background is required for enrollment in MMI training programs.